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I’m only 17 but I feel like there’s so much pressure on me. And I know this is really selfish because everyone’s going through similar issues but I just feel like I need to plan my whole life. University is next year, people are all getting jobs and making money, I’m losing people left right and centre. I know it’s part of growing up but I feel like I’ve lost so many friends, sure I’ll meet new people along the way but it just sucks and it’s not even like I’ve fell out with them I just feel like we’re not on the same paths anymore and that’s what hurts more. I just want to be successful and do well, make my parents proud but it’s so hard. I look back to my high school days where life was so stress free and I remember how I thought my life was bad back then, but that’s nothing compared with now. So I fear, what if I look back in another let’s say 5/10 years time and think the same thing. More responsibilities, more stress, more work. Idk i just hope things get better from here but adults always tell me ur teenage years are the best years of ur life, but then why is mine so bad. Honestly I feel like teenage years are so overglamorised, does anyone else feel this way/ have felt this way?
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I feel like this too, also 17. I have 3 friends, but we don't talk or see each other much, I'm very lonely. Didn't make any friends in Year 12, expecting no different in Year 13.

Trying to make your parent's proud is nice, but it shouldn't be a priority. Measuring success is more of a personal thing.

Those adults who say teen years are the best are just opinions. Everybody's experience is different.

More responsibility = more control. There shouldn't be more stress or work, both will depend on other factors, e.g. intensity of work, size of property (larger houses need more time spent on them) etc.

This is life, we must not dwell on the past.
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