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She refuses to listen to me, my father and the people around her. Always shouting and getting into arguments.

She wasn't like this in the past, she was strict like most asian parents getting me to study but still allowed me some free time to go outside with friends. And she had at least some consideration and respect for people around us, so we were on fairly good terms with everyone. Then she begun to have panic attacks and tried doing meditation which I think is what started this madness. For three years she has been listening to affirmations almost 24/7, it helps her calm down but I think it also drills the wrong idea. Stuff like "I am the universe","I will not let anyone hurt me", "I will not be shaken by other's opinions". I think this somehow fueled her arrogance.

But back to the problem, I genuinely think she's going insane. She is so arrogant, every phone call I've heard her go on, in the first 2 minutes there is shouting.

She also treats me with no respect. I am 18 now and she treats me with less respect than when I was a child.

I just want to make her realise somehow that she isn't above everyone. I can tolerate she treating me and my bed-ridden dad poorly, but I just want her to stop picking fights with random people.
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My mum was the same. I couldn't wait to move out for uni. Now 3 years later I have depression and anxiety from childhood trauma. I wish I could've seeked help when I was younger to not get to this stage but there's nothing I can do about that now. There were things she did just for attention so moving out helped calm her down a bit as she couldn't 'act' in front of anyone for sympathy or attention.
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Don't go to her house anymore

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