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hi, so i have a question about my calorie intake and how much weight i could potentially loose in two months.

idk if i should but a TW but i am going to be talking about calories a lot/LCD/weight. but i am in no way trying to promote any sort of eating disorder or unhealthy lifestyles!!

so atm i weight 77 kg, i’ve been on a calorie deficit for 5 or 6 days, so far i’ve lost around 1 or 2kgs. i am 5”5 and my first goal weight is 60kg and ideally i’d like to get there in a month or two (ik it seems a bit unrealistic).

so i’ve been doing OMAD and drinking 3-4L of water a day and am going to continue with this, and i eat around 800-900 cals a day.

however, i’m going to start doing 20k step walks again (i used to walk 10-20k steps in may/june) which apparently should burn around 1000cals.

realistically, how many kgs do you think i can burn by september if i am consistent with this? and how long do you think it will take me to reach 60kgs?

i’m just very insecure and not happy with my body or weight right now, i cry everyday about it but that’s not gonna change anything, it’s making me more and more depressed, i just want to be in control and not be seen as the ‘overweight kid’ anymore. it’s honestly tiring living your whole life being overweight, and i’ve come to terms with the fact that nothing is going to change unless i change it, so please be as honest as you can. any help it’s appreciated.

note : also id like to touch on the fact that after reaching my goal weight i will NOT be eating this few calories, i will increase it to be able to maintain the weight and i am aware that restricting this much may cause other casualties, but i need to loose the weight quickly for another reason too. it’s just so hard :/
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i’m re-reading this and realising i made it sound kind of dramatic omg i’m so sorry lol
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How old are you, and M or F?.

A calorie deficit does not mean you burn off every single calorie you consume, and more. You need a certain amount just to live, let alone if you are exercising, and what you are proposing will make you seriously ill!

Use an online TDEE calculator to work out how many calories you should be consuming and it will not be anywhere as low as less than 1000. Knock about 500 calories off the maintenance amount, with a combination of diet and exercise.

However, it's not just about the calories you eat. You need to ensure you are having the right balance of food groups for nutrition.

Don't aim to lose weight quickly; a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is up to 1kg a week, so you are looking at minimum 17 weeks for your target.

I suggest you get professional help as you need proper advice; what you have written is a very unhealthy lifestyle!

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