Is this private landlord messing me around?

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I’m going into my third year and accommodation around my uni is extremely, extremely limited. For example, one house had 20 people say they wanted it without viewing it. So me and my group found this house and it’s a private landlord (it is a young family but I’m in contact with the mum). We said we wanted the property last Friday night and she said she would send me the contracts to fill out. She didn’t later that night so I politely asked if she had sent them. She apologized and said she’d send it after she puts the kids to bed. It gets to Saturday and she still hasn’t sent it so I think fine, I’ll wait till end of Saturday and message asking about it again.

So she gets back to me on Sunday apologizing for the delay as she had a busy weekend and says she’s sent the contracts and to check my junk. I check everything, nothing there. I even send myself an email to check if my email is working and it is working fine. I send her a message asking her to send it to my other email and she reads it and didn’t respond so I message her today (Wednesday) asking if we have the house or not and that we are confused (in a polite way) and she responds saying she’s sorry and she has sent it and she will check her emails to see if things are working again.

I respond saying that I haven’t received anything and thanking her. Still, nothing. She reads my message and doesn’t respond. I’m getting extremely fed up and I feel like she might be lying to me and toying with us. Why does it take a week to send an email? And why doesn’t she just tell us if we aren’t gonna get the house? It’s a 5 bedroom house and there’s 5 of us but I’m the main person in contact with her.
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Seems very unprofessional to me and I would personally try to find somewhere else.
If theyre acting like that over sending the contracts, which is something that would benefit them, imagine how slow and unprofessional they would be if you ever need repairs or something is wrong with the flat.

Have you looked up their landlord registration number and made sure they are legit? Could also be a scam.

I rented with a landlord like that in the past when me and my friends were desperate to find something and just settled for the first thing we could get, and lets just say I am never doing that again.

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