Please help: Social anxiety getting worse?

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I have been struggling with social anxiety for the past year. Once restrictions started easing, I began trying to push myself out of my comfort zone by doing small things. I managed to do the following things: walk around my city centre, use public transport, go shopping, go for a meal in Wetherspoons. I did all of these things alone. I was doing pretty well until about 2 weeks ago. I got a huge wave of anxiety and have been too nervous to leave the house since. It's frustrating as I felt like I was making progress.

Everyday, I fixate on another reason to avoid going into public/using public transport. Some of them include:

1. I will bump into an ex-friend

2. Public transport will be busy and I will do something to embarrass myself in front of everyone

3. I will drop things (e.g. food and drink) and everyone will stare at me

4. I will randomly start laughing and everyone will stare at me (has literally never happened)

5. I will talk loudly and everyone will judge me (if I go to a restaurant with my family)

6. I will drop things (e.g. food or drink) on the ground and everyone will stare
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Whereabouts are you based? Are there any support groups near by?

Sorry to hear about your challenges.

Have you spoken to anyone about your anxiety? It is far more common than people realise and is not easy to cope with.

Do you have triggers for it or is it purely random?

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