Body Image and the Fashion Industry

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What's people's obsession with big butts and breasts?

I'm a woman and I feel uncomfortable with my own female anatomy. Having those types of things just make me uncomfortable, I wish my butt and breasts were flat because I don't want people looking at those areas. I love being a woman and I like makeup, but I don't want to have a big but or breasts. I don't understand why women would desire to have such big "possessions." Also, why

Why do men want to have big knobs? Honestly, why?

What's the obsession with shorts or crop tops?

I understand wearing a crop top or shorts in hot weather, it makes sense since clothes can stick onto your body, due to the intense heat.

I feel like wearing a skirt or shorts is alright if you're wearing hosiery or opaque tights underneath. I'm a bit a bias, since I don't like the way legs look (on their own,) especially knees, sometimes, knees can be dark, and it looks weird.

Why do people like ripped jeans?

I get why people like a few cuts in their jeans, but why do people like huge, gaping holes in their jeans?

Why do people get piercings?

I fully accept that piercings is a form of self expression, just like makeup, clothes etc. I think the basic nose piercing is alright, but things like septum and tongue piercings etc.

Scenario: What if I get a septum piercing, and it gets stuck my nostril. What do I do, stick my fingers down my nostril. What happens when I sneeze, will my septum piercing come flying out?

What is wearing fur so prevalent in the fashion industry?

Sorry guys, you look like a rug, or a fuzzy animal, either way, I'd tackle you.

What are your thoughts? What do you dislike about the fashion industry and body image.
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i couldnt care less tbth

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