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Hi I'm 14 years old and after coming out of lock down I've started to develop symptoms of social anxiety, I constantly swallow in lesions when people are having to give answers or being told to read out loud but I keep doing it just in case I get asked to say something out loud. Every time I think about the feeling I have the urge to just swallow to get rid of it and it will soon come back , It started when a teacher asked me a question and then my voice went funny and to stop that from happening I swallowed and now I can't stop it just happens when I'm anxious and I think about the swallowing and idk how to stop. Should I go to the doctors or is it not worth it?
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Personally after my NHS diagnosis with anxiety there was nothing done to help me. My anxiety causes me to feel nauseated with an extremely painful abdomen, as well as having anxiety-related mental meltdowns, for hours every single day and despite this nothing was done. This has been happening for 3 years now and still I have received no help. I still think it’s worth getting a diagnosis though- it’s possible you may get help and even if you don’t, it will enable you to communicate how you feel better to your school if you actually have the diagnosis to back you up. After receiving your diagnosis I would recommend speaking to a trusted teacher at school about it and trying to come up with solutions to make school more manageable for you (after I did this and was able to put into place ways to cope my grades rose from around 5s on average to getting at all 8s and 9s). I hope all goes well for you

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