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What gcse do i take to be a criminal psychologist

Hello. I’m struggling with understanding which GCSE subjects i need to take to become a criminal psychologist. I pick my subjects soon so if you could respond asap that would be helpful.
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doesnt matter, you don’t need to take specific gcses it’s more of what A levels you take so you can pick the course at university. I’d advise to just search up A levels or uni courses needed to become a criminal psychologist then make sure to get the grades at gcses needed to go onto the A level course.
To do criminal psychology u need a psychology degree
All the information below is from the UCAS website

A-Levels u need is only one science (most universities prefer at least one out of chemistry, physics, biology, or maths) , but psychology is also desirable

Theses subjects are also useful for A-Level:

So for GCSE u just need to make sure u do a humanities subject so something like geography or history (I think RS also counts). Also u need to do well in English which is a compulsory subject and sciences (doesn't matter if its triple or combined)

Other than that just pick subjects u enjoy cause grade averages tend to be important as well, doing subjects u enjoy will help u when u need to revise for exams

Good luck with ur choices
Really doesn't matter to be honest. Just focus on things you like and things you're good at.
My daughter also wants to be a criminal psychologist

She's doing :
GCSEs in Psychology, Classical Civilisation, and Ancient History
and IGCSEs in Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Computer Science, and History

She wants to go on to do Psychology, English, and Classical Civilisation for A Levels.

I don't know if that is of any use to you.
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I know this conversation is quite old but I have a question as I also aim to become a forensic psychologist. Will it in any way be a disadvantage or not preferable if I'm not taking any gcse humanities such as history or geo?
(my choices are: psychology, business studies and french and the igcse compulsory subjects)
Thank you for helping me in this matter!

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