Boyfriend talking to a guy we met on Omegle? Should I be angry??

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(me and my boyfriend are both 17 y/o trans men) So my boyfriend and I were on Omegle and he was in a pretty revealing cosplay. His chest was showing and a lot of creepy men were commenting on it.
Basically he got one 31 year olds discord and has been messaging him daily since. The man we'll call Henry, has been calling my bf all the pet names I have for him and sending him flirtatious/sexually intended messages. Asking if we wanted a throuple and **** too. My bf has been calling him hot and a dilf n **** unironically and said he'd let Henry rail him and do bad things to him. I hate it because I have BPD and get jealous soooo easily. It's not fun cause I'm convinced my bf isn't attracted to me anymore cause of this random man. Am I right to think this way? He will just get so pissed and think I'm being too possessive if I tell him I don't want it. But the thought that Henry is making my bf turned on more than I make him, honestly is making my mental health drop sooo hard. I hate this
My bf needs sexual compliments to feel okay cause of his rough past but honestly, I can't handle the fact that he is enjoying getting other ppl/them getting him off. It's making me want to die ngl. Am I wrong??
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Surely the whole idea behind Omegle is to tease older men. It is hardly surprising therefore that your actions have attracted an older man who wishes to get involved with you as a couple.
Speak to your boyfriend and ask him whether he wishes to remain in a relationship with you. Explain that this pseudo-relationship he's struck up with this man is making you feel uncomfortable and seriously consider why you are exhibiting yourselves on Omegle

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