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So my bf is american and im staying until august in Usa normally then getting back in UK early sept normally . my bf found a job in Usa but unfortunately even if its remote job they won’t allow him to work from abroad, so he cannot come with me to uk right away.. I feel a bit disappointed but weve done this before and he stayed in uk with me before, as thats where we met.
Hes been thinking about engagement lately so things would be easier fr us, but its too soon to tell as i know the process can be long and tedious …. and dont want to get engaged in a rush.
I m afraid he might go crazy working here without me as it happened bfore and we were both going bit crazy without each other. He doesnt have his own flat in usa so is looking for one and the relationship with his parents is very tense as this time so i feel not only stuck in the usa on my own but i feel like going back bit earlier to uk, maybe late august as my sister will be there too and we are stuck in his family vacation home for the summer, his parents gave him an ultimatum to find his own place by end of this month, while i was here so its not great situation for us and me as a guest here.. Im european and my plan was to get my british citizenship once in uk as ive been there for 7 years now and my life is there atm.

What would be the best thing to do? this is his fisrt stable job and he seems to like it, i wouldnt want him to quit it for me like he did in past , and dont want to leave my work abruptly either ( was working for an agency part time) , i can go back to that job anytime but he cannot do that with this job !

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