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I have applied for midwifery 2022 (can not submit it until the 7th September.
I am currently doing the certHe in support worker nursing education, two year course (which is equivalent to the first year of nursing).
I plan to graduate this course June 2022 and hopefully secure a place for midwifery September 2022.
My other options are children’s nursing and adult nursing, which if I’m accepted I can go strait into yr2 from doing the certhe course. But midwifery has always been my ultimate choice.
I am actually employed by the NHS already and have worked as a community mental health support worker for 8-9 years now and am doing the certhe course with them. It’s Welsh government funded so there is no obligation for me to stay with my employer for a certain time after I’ve applied.

I know midwifery places are very limited so it’s going to be intense waiting to hear if we get the place.

Just wondering if there’s anyone else here hoping to apply.

34 year old, working mum of 4 here.
Committed to making some huge life choices changes.
Very excited that I’m in the position to apply but also nervous about giving up work and relying on the other half to financially provide for the next few years.

Anyone else here in similar position to me 😊
Bangor Uni
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Hi kerri87,

Great to hear you are looking at studying with us It sounds like you have a great background to go into a career in Nursing. You can always chat to our staff in the school if you need some information about the course structure, their email is [email protected].

Once you have applied there are groups you can join to chat to other Bangor University applicants but in the mean time I'd recommend you have a look at the Nursing Society Facebook Page - You may find some current and past students here that have similar circumstances to yourself and able to offer some advice and guidance.

Good luck with your application! If you need any more help please do get in touch.

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