Advice on getting a job 2nd Year med student in Exeter

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Currently going into 2nd Med and I regret not having the opportunity to get a job this summer, largely because a lot of restaurants in Birmingham want a more 'permanent' person to work with them. I want money to do things such as Sport clubs and simply going out with friends (things I didn't really get to experience because of COVID)

I'm not really sure where to look... I read a lot about being a healthcare assistant but I recon any part-time job would do. I plan on applying via indeed or the company website in late August to get the best chance of securing a job position by Mid September.

Another problem I also face is work-life balance. I plan to balance a lot of things during this academic year. I plan to go gym, basketball, and revise for 6 hours a day except on Sunday. Would you say that getting a job on the weekends may be too much for me to handle?

Main questions:
1. What are the best jobs for Medical students or Uni students in general?
2. Would getting a job be a bad idea for my degree?

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