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Hello. I am going to be applying for studying "away from home" for university for a start date of September 2022. When I apply for Student Finance Maintenance Loan I will be 25 years old.

I currently live at home as I am a carer for my mother, so I get Carer's Allowance and Universal Credit which will both obviously end when my mother's care arrangements change for when I leave for University in 2022.

I would like to ask some questions about applying next year:

1. When I apply - being 25yrs and still living at home - will Student Finance England have to take my mother's income into account, even though I will be applying for a university away from home and I will no longer be living with her?

2. Will Student Finance England class me as an "independent student"? And if so, what evidence will I need to produce to be accepted for my student finance loans?

3. As I've been on Universal Credit/Carers Allowance for the past year, I don't have a high salary and household income is desperately low.

Any advice anyone can give as to what I will need to provide in the application, or anyone who can give me some advice as to how the application will go, would be greatly appreciated and would remove all my anxiety! I am already anxious enough leaving the mother's care in the hands of someone else and moving to a brand new city! And I know I'm asking these things early, but I do like to be prepared!

Thank you
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You'll be regarded as independent as you're 25 on the first day of your course.

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