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At the moment I am considering studying abroad, I still have about 4 years until I start university but decided to have a look early. I am not sure about other countries but when I looked a Japan's application for international students it talked about getting multiple visas and travelling however I am confused about if you were not to get in. Might just be me or is it that they are done earlier or something.
Also if I was to apply for a scholarship but not get it so then decide not to study abroad is that possible. In a lot of the things I have looked at they say that you have to show that you have enough money to sustain yourself if you weren't to get in.
Also happy to hear anything about studying abroad the good and the bad
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You could apply to UK uni that has connections with Japan and do a year or years abroad. Might be easier. UK uni's have insurance cover etc and offices to help with your time abroad. Once in Japan you would be able to see what options are available for extra years there. Student Finance England also cover the expenses for study abroad - flights, etc and return flights at Christmas and Easter - and these do not have to be paid back - unlike the loans. Hope this helps.

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