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It is so hard to make substantial money because every idea you think of someone is already doing it or it is not a necessarily a need.

If it’s a big industry, many big companies are on it already with established brands and deep pockets from years of sitting on their market share to absolutely optimise their products and eating nearby markets.

Of course it may be possible to find a big technical shortcut in a product within an existing established industry where need is already there but the disruption needs to be a magnitude improvement of a relevant metric otherwise there’s no chance of creating a monopoly or probably any market share given startup success rate of 1% over first decade. Not to mention to do that you need to be born with the relevant talents and at the same time you can only find such opportunities limited within the scope of your specialism. It may be possible to reach to nearby specialisms if they share same degree background after some research and experience but generally it takes a long time to prepare both the degree and the specialism after and gain the experience to be pragmatic with attempts of ground breaking ideas.

With the bigger industries so many clever minds have tried tackling each and realistically even a shortcut is hard to find and not a guarantee even if the individual really is creative, original, a bit of a genius and also a freethinker. It’s either that where if you did formulate a better direction when optimised by a smaller team to go further in solving the problem but the new invention/direction is so difficult to randomly bump into in the first place, or have a unique and confident vision usually on something emerging and the future like AI and application that no one else can see or appreciate. I don’t think many people have such good vision and sometimes it’s not even if the vision is perfect but just not being swayed which could just be bravery.

So yeah either the technical challenge is incredibly hard for the breakthrough or breakthrough direction or the untested idea requires a high amount of good vision and bravery to follow through it.

This is probably why it is so hard to make money and if you aren’t already sitting on a big industry sucking up nearby and smaller industries and monopoly profits every year which you can also use to capitalise off in stable property or other stable investments, you are kind of ****ed. I’m not in this situation, I think I have talent but I don’t think these days it’s enough. But then again if I say that then if I was born even during the birth of the computer age I could still be saying the same thing.

But who agrees this world is incredibly hard to make substantial amounts of money these days?
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Sure it's unlikely that you or I will become a billionaire inventor, but it depends on how much you deem to be sufficient to lead a comfortable life
A stem degree like engineering is certainly going to open a lot of doors and there are plenty of sectors where you will be rewarded well for your efforts
Will it mean you don't have to work a single day ever again after five years...well probably not

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