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First year attending University of Portsmouth in need of advice on accommodation, specifically Chaucer House and Crown Place, which has more freshers/first year students, is it sociable in either of these halls? (is it as much as students halls accom)
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Hi there,

The majority of student halls are largely first year students, Chaucer and Crown place are in the perfect location for first year students as it is about a five minute to the main campus area and a 15 minute walk to the northern quarter. If you are a first year I would recommend you looking into a shared flat as that way you will meet other people in the same position as you straight away. If you are worried about accommodation or anything you can also contact the University as they offer support about housing which can be found here This link will also lead you to a page that will help you find the right accommodation for you. I know that moving can be daunting but the University will support you, we host a wellbeing café every week and have an anonymous app for advice so if you have any queries about anything someone will be able to help. The details about all the support the University offer can be found here-

I hope this helps
Loren Snowden
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