Finished first year of Electronic Engineering degree, bit unsure

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I previously posted on here a few months ago as i was in turmoil over my future at university. I study Electronic Engineering, i completed one full foundation year, failed 3 modules due to a combination of things, retook the modules the next year, passed, and got onto first year. I have since passed all my modules for first year, not by flying colours, but passed regardless. So now im in a position where i have options of what i want to do and can do. I debated dropping out around january time of this year because, i was in an awful place with undiagnosed depression, family issues etc. But i thought that staying on, passing my exams in the summer, would atleast mean that i didnt have to definitely drop out; now i have options. I wont lie, im not the hardest worker academically, i struggle to revise properly and when i do study i spend most of my time worrying and thinking about other things. Im also quite socially awkward and this doesnt help when im trying to get help from lectures because i always feel like an idiot if i ask for help. In a way Covid has been a blessing to me, as ive been able to conduct my communication with my lectures via email. Sometimes i think i feel like im not good enough for this degree because at college, they advised me to do a foundation degree instead of doing maths and the appropriate science, so for 2 years i learnt things that had no real relevance to engineering apart from some ict work. If i dropped out, i wouldnt know what the hell id do. Am i super passionate about engineering? No. Do i live and breath engineering? No. But i do have a keen interest in it and i want to succeed in it. Its a very good degree to have no? My main issue is that i have no confidence in myself to succeed at this degree, i never have about anything; well never anything that actually matters…
What should i do? I had an email a while ago from the leader of engineering at the university and he basically told me he failed stuff as well in first year, along with reassuring that if i have made it this far i can surely make it the next 2 years. That really stuck with me and you could say that it was one of the driving forces thats kept me on.

Im just asking for some advice because im at a bit of a cross roads in life, im only 20 and i feel like i should have more, i should be doing more and i also should know more.

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