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St. Andrews Applicants 2009 (deferred 2010)

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Good luck :biggrin:
St Salvators Quad, University of St Andrews
University of St Andrews
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I have 15% of my French IB grade riding on my oral tomorrow morning, on three books I'm yet to read.

Wish my good luck...

Good luck, dunno if you'll need it :cool:
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I'm sooo glad I didnt opt for IB in the end, I have 2 friends that do it and they say it's horrendous!
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I got an unconditional offer for Geography this morning :biggrin:
I got an unconditional offer for Geography this morning :biggrin:

Congratulations! Are you going to firm it?
I'm still waiting on English...
My friend who's half way through his exams has somewhow received an unconditional offer for IR, even though he has no qualifications yet :s-smilie:
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Congratulations! Are you going to firm it?

Yeah, I just did! Good luck, I hope you hear from English soon :wink:
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Awesomeness :biggrin: :biggrin:
Btw, fg08, I can't see the pictures you'd uploaded :frown: Mostly because I don't know how to register. :P I blame it on the language I don't understand

Hmm Im going to upload the pictures on one of your sites this afternoon.
Now I have to go back learning:s-smilie:
I hope more people hear from English soon too! I want to have a rough idea who I'll be there with :smile:
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I hope more people hear from English soon too! I want to have a rough idea who I'll be there with :smile:

Is St Andrews going to be your firm choice or will you go to Durham if they give you an offer?
Well the problem is I've got all excited about St Andrews now, and Durham would be a harder and stricter offer...So I'm slightly put off it :s-smilie:

In the ideal situation, I wouldn't have to worry about it if Durham reject me, which I'm expecting anyway judging by the quality of people they've already rejected :smile:
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I guess youre predicted AAA, aren't you?
Why havent you applied to Oxbridge?
Yeah I am, else I wouldn't dare any of the places I applied haha :tongue:

I was considering it, but I considered it too much of a lottery, and I found 5 choices that I really liked enough to not bother, you know :smile:?

EDIT: Plus considering the competitiveness of my course anyway...I probably wouldn't dare!
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Yeah nice.
I didnt even apply to Oxbridge cause they simply dont offer the course I wanted to do.
I didnt really wanna do Philosophy as a part of my degree and I didnt wanna do pure Politics or Economics.
Im absolutely happy with IR in St Andrews but sometimes Im thinking that Im missing something if I dont go to Oxbridge.
All my friends expected me to go there but in my opinion IR in St Andrews is absolutely great and offers me the same job prospects as a degree from Oxbridge.
Yeah, St Andrews is widely considered to be just AFTER Oxbridge in terms of prestige and prospects I'm happy!

I know what you mean...About the thinking maybe you're missing out but I think St A's is far more me anyway :smile:

IR is SO competitive must have wow-ed them with your application ha ha!
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I wanna work in an international organization after graduating and therefore its better to have a degree in IR than in e.g. PPE.
A lot of people say that St Andrews is better for politics anyway, but most of my friends just know the overall reputation, you know.
Nevertheless Im so happy 'bout St Andrews and cant wait to go there.:smile:
Hmm its allways the same, I should learn but Im chatting on TSR :s-smilie:
Aye, St A's is tops for politics/ir etc :smile:
And liiiikewiiiise :excited: :woo:
Haha, same same
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Do you already know which accommodation youre applying to or atleast which one you are putting down as your favourite on the accommodation form?
Well you can't put a favourite can only attach a separate begging note :tongue:

But I'm doing that and tailoring my preferences towards a shared catered room, and I'm thinking to ask for St Salvators or Mc Intosh!
How about you :smile:?
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Yeah thats what I meant by putting down your favourite :wink:
Hmm I cant afford DRA or New Hall and I wanna live in one of the older accommodations anyway.
I would love to be in one of those halls directly at one of the three main streets.
Its a bit annoying cause I really love cooking but dont wanna go into Fife Park or Albany Park.
Another important reason for me is the community feeling which is said to better in the catered halls so I think Im definitely choosing catered and maybe shared as its cheaper than a single room.
Mc Intosh and St Savators would be great considering the location :smile: