How do I get my life on track (second post)

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I asked my friend to come over to my house in the summer and he says he's mega busy with two jobs, school work family events and is also going away with the army for two weeks. On the other hand, I went on holiday with my mum and dad for a week and other than that I've got literally nothing to do apart from a couple hours volunteering at a charity shop on Saturdays. This would have been the first time my family had had a visitor over at our house this year and would probably be the last. I felt like it was up to me to try and do something with someone else because my parents never ask anyone over and neither does anyone else ever. I only want this friend to come over at first because I'm really funny about people seeing my things and what not and he's the only person I feel comfortable with having around. For example I'm into Pokemon and whenever someone mentions it my face goes bright red in embarrassment and I have no idea why (I think this is starting to go now thanks to my friend as I told him about my interests and can now talk about somewhat with other people).I will probably be able to have him over at some point but the longer I wait the less time I have because I'm in year 13 soon and everyone will go to university and I will never see them again.
I think I might be autistic which is why I struggle making friends and my parents also sheltered me which didn't help either. It's been really difficult for me to try and hang out with people and I will literally do anything at this point but nothing ever happens in my life. First I thought I just had social anxiety and tried to fix it myself. I also plan on booking a doctors appointment sometime to see if they know what might be up with me.
I can't talk to my parents about it because they'll probably tell me that it serves me right for trying to ask him to come over and that I should have known that he would not be able to. My Mum seems to be depressed after she fell out with her Mum (my only living grandparent) over the fact that she was horrible to her when she was brought up.
I also want to go to university which at one point I was really keen on and thought I'd manage it but now I'm terrified that my problems are going to stoop me from being able to make friends hence why I'm trying to do that now so that it doesn't become overwhelming. I also want to go to get away from my parents because as much as I love them, they have a negative impact on me which I don't think they realise.
It's all driving me crazy right now, I'm literally doing nothing exciting every half term and when I finally decide I want to d something, everyone's too busy. It happened last half term as well - people were going to parties which I never get invited to and wouldn't want to go to anyway. If anyone knows how I can get out of this mess then god help me right now. I literally feel like nothing good will ever happen in my life at the moment.
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I think it's good to be worried about things but not over-think it and to try and do something about it. It's really difficult trying to think out what you be doing when you're not doing anything, so just set the sail straight and try and do a couple of things that you think are a good idea. You're probably a bit demotivated and have had trouble seeing you're ideas through to the end, so just treat the things that have happened as a lesson and continue doing what you do, you never know you might find out how to solve a problem you didn't think was possible.

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