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which degree is better and why - any past experiences or knowledge?

business management or business with marketing?
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(Original post by simplyikrah)
which degree is better and why - any past experiences or knowledge?

business management or business with marketing?
Hi simplyikrah,

I have just finished a BSc Hons Marketing Management degree at Lancaster University so I thought I would comment here as it is in the subject area you mentioned!

I would personally say one is not better than the other, they are equal and it is much more about what you would like to study and if you want to specialise. If I go back to when I was looking at universities, I thought I wanted to study Business Management and it was not until I attended subject talks at open days etc that I was really drawn towards Marketing. I would also like to add that you do not necessarily have to make the decision now - studying a subject like business management (industry variant can be viewed here) or one of the numerous marketing degrees at Lancaster still has a great deal of flexibility. Whilst I chose to study marketing, the way Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is structured allowed me to do a few business related modules over the years such as Management & Leadership, Management & Organisational Behaviour, Management & Sustainability and Project Management.

My top tips would be to choose a degree that you prefer not what might be regarded 'better'. To make this decision, I recommend clicking on the links to view the courses, have a read and compare what you like about both. I would then do this for a range of universities that interest you and offer both Business Management and Marketing because you might like a course at one university more than another. Finally, I really recommend visiting the universities you are interested in, even if this is virtually. And sign up to some taster subject sessions! You can view a virtual tour of Lancaster University to help give you a sense of the place in the first instance!

If you have any questions about studying Business Management at Lancaster then you can chat to current students here. For any questions about life at Lancaster or what it is like to study marketing, please reply below!

Rebecca (Final Year BSc Hons Marketing Management Student)

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