I feel worthless

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I'm seventeen and I live alone with my mum. Our fixed-term mortgage ends in two years, and if the interest rate goes up, we likely won't be able to stay here. Will either have to move towns or downsize to a one bedroom flat. I'll be at uni by then, but my mum doesn't want me sleeping on the setae if I come home in the holidays - we clash a lot, so the lack of space wouldn't be great.

I always did well at school, and considered applying for medicine, but I didn't like chemistry. I didn't choose any STEM A-Levels, either. I feel really guilty for this, because if I'd done medicine (assuming I even got in, which I know is hard), I'd eventually be financially stable and wouldn't have to worry about where I'm going to live or about what my mum will do. My boyfriend's parents are both doctors, and he's never had to worry about this stuff. I kind of resent him for that, even though I know it's not his fault. Having his lack of financial worries to compare things to makes me feel worse.

I had the opportunity to make things better for us, but I didn't. Feel worthless.
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No one is ever worthless, we will all make a difference in the world. Good or bad, that’s up to you and I to decide how positive our impact is.

Do not feel guilty about not doing medicine, you should do what you love in life and I’m sure your mother will never hold it against you that you didn’t study medicine. My father didn’t come from a wealthy background but my mother did and he told me throughout my childhood how he was driven to give his parents and his family a better life. He was never angry at my mother for the opportunities she had due to the more affluent background she originated from, and you shouldn’t be angry at your boyfriend for having these opportunities. Instead look at them and think, ‘one day I’d like to be able to provide those opportunities to those I love and care for most in this world’.

Sorry if this sounds preachy and I do probably come across as I prick but I hope this helps

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