Caught my girlfriend cheating on my with my best friend

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A little context.
I met my girlfriend at the beginning of Uni as we were in the same 6 person group. She was stunning and the moment I first laid eyes on her i just couldn’t help but imagine myself with her.

A lot of guys were into her and I got the gyst that she loved attention. Looking back, maybe that should of been a red flag.

Anyway, at the time I was pretty broke and had a bunch of insecurities but she gave me the fuel and desire to change that. And change that I did. Within 3 months of my dropshipping business with a friend of mine, we were on track to break low 5 figures in profit.

This may not sound like much but to me at the time it was a lot and I had this superiority complex and massive confidence boost, it was like I was a new person. Anyway, I started flirting with her and shooting my shot and to my surprise she paid a lot of attention to me and at the time, I thought that was her giving me a cue to ask her out. And I did.

Fast foreword a year, we have been together and happily coinciding with one another. That is until one day I was about to knock on her door at about 11:00pm one night as I had forgot my laptop in her room. And that’s when I had her roommate stop me doing so but putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Bro, she’s not worth it”. He shook his head. My heart dropped, I knew what that meant. I didn’t even have to ask him further as I heard her laughing with my bloody BEST FREIND! The shock was immediate. For a while my memory was a little fuzzy and there was some white noise.

He invited me to come and get a drink. We talked. I asked him who to double check what I already knew and he just confirmed it.

I’m still with her. I haven’t told her about any of what had transpired with me that night. She doesn’t know I know, and I like the fact that ultimately, I have control in a weird way. I have control over how this ends. And I want to know, from you guys, how I should proceed. Should I just flat out tell her I know what happened?

Should I just leave her completely and ignore her without saying a word to her and maybe she’ll confess.

Should I confront my so called best friend?

Thanks guys
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Make subtle hints that you know. Make them feel guilty. Get them to confess.
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They could have been just hanging out
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Cut all contact and move on. She no longer exists in your life. You don't need to offer an explanation either. Just end the relationship and focus on your business and yourself.

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