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Hi guys,

I would like to ask some of you who have already studied MSc Data Science in either of these universities or currently studying at them.
I am an international student and my main concern is the return on investment. I will be paying the whole tuition + living costs out of my own pocket, so I would like to know how are job prospects after graduation, does Queen mary have great reputation both nationally and Internationally ? I know that both are Russell Group Unis so they are both great universities to study at, but the modules in Queen mary are more interesting for me and close to what I want to study than those of Exeter, however Exeter has better reputation in the UK it seems, it always scores high on the league tables, and usually better than Queen mary, also I seen in many threads that Queen mary has some bad lecturers, or the teaching is not as good as Exeter ( TEF Silver for Queen compared to GOLD for Exeter ).

Your help is much appreciated ! Thank you so much guys !

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