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So I've done three animal courses:
Animal care level 2 work-base
Animal care level 2 technical diploma
Animal management level 3 (first year)

I've decided not to continue on with the second year of the course and go down a different avenue, which is being veterinary.

I've applied for an apprenticeship at a local vets for a veterinary care assistant and have been working there for a few days to give a good impression.

Thing is the only course I can do for this apprenticeship is animal care and welfare level 2.
But due to it being a level 2 course it would mean that i'm going down a level and covering things that i've already learnt.

I've really enjoyed working at the vets and would love to do the apprenticeship, I just don't know whether it is.... wrong? if I re-doing the same stuff.

As I would like to be given the position as the veterinary care assistant t and later on progressing as vet nurse, I didn't want to go straight into a vet nurse course as I wanted to get a good feel and experience first before starting the vet nurse course which is 2 years.

So what do you guys think do you think it's okay if i do the animal care and welfare course and re-learning topics I already know.

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