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2021: With heaps of courses in Clearing, are you reconsidering your firm choice?


Are you tempted to change your firm university choice on A-level results day?

There's not long to go now until Results Day on Tuesday 10th of August.

As you get ready to receive your results, we hope you're feeling as prepared as possible. If you're not 100% sure how it works or how to get ready, we'd popped together a guide called 'Nine ways to be totally prepared for A-level and Btec results days' that'll get you on your way.

Every year, there's thousands of courses in Clearing, and it can be a great step for anyone who doesn't quite meet their offer for whatever reason. Or maybe you might decide to make a change if you spy something you prefer once you know your grades.

One of our awesome Clearing and Applications Advisors has put together a really helpful list of vacancies in clearing this year if you're interested.

You can also find an explanation of clearing (and adjustment) here to find out whether either option might suit you.

So, with so much availability in clearing, would you be tempted to change your choice?

Would you try and trade up? Or maybe you want to study something totally different since making your choices?

Over the results period on TSR, there is so much support available. We know what a stressful time it can be. If you've got a question, post in our Applications, Clearing and UCAS forum, and one of our UCAS-trained Advisors will be able to help you out.

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