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For the past few days I have had heightened anxiety about my heart, including that I have an undiagnosed heart condition and am scared of sudden cardiac arrest. Since then, I have monitored my heart on the app fibricheck and at times it has been elevated and irregular. I have also noticed my heart beating quite heavily after even very brief exercise and apparently palpitations involve a pounding heart, so I am even more concerned. Thinking back, I can remember feeling my heart beating heavily before this (only after exercise though, but sometimes even very brief exercise such as running down stairs). Is it possible that I have always been having palpitations and have not noticed?? I have never before been worried about my heart and have never consciously noticed any issues but now I am very concerned. Does anyone have advice??
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I’m not an expert or anything but I worried my heart used to beat faster than it should or irregularly, but I spoke to other people, and it just turned out that some people have faster natural heart beats and some people are effected more/quicker after exercise than others. Like my heart rate is naturally a little higher than average, and even after a little exercise mine can increase quite a lot quite quickly and last a little while. So you’ll probably find it could just be different and you’re just thinking about it more now. If you really want to make sure you could get a check up with a doctor to clarify though.
Also sometimes (normally when going to bed after a big meal) people’s hearts can feel a bit different or slightly faster because or heartburn, indigestion etc, but again, I can’t say anything about you for sure so if you are concerned just get a check up, you’ll probably find it’s nothing and just in your head 😊

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