He likes me but I don’t like him, what do I do?

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Ok no one judge me for this but basically I’ve known a guy I met online for just over a month. We went on a date and have been talking loads. He wanted a second date and he’s said he really likes me and wants a relationship. The thing is, I knew he wasn’t really my type and I wasn’t attracted to him in that way, so technically I should’ve broken it off ages ago. I haven’t lead him on because I told him pretty early on I wasn’t sure about me and him being together. I then after a few weeks said I don’t think I’d change my mind because I didn’t wanna carry on the way we were and it was unfair to him. He said he was happy being friends and we made an agreement on the phone. He’s said he’d lower his expectations etc. But also kept kind of saying that he was still hoping stuff would happen between us and all that.. Thing is, it pains me to part ways with him, I’d miss him so much but I think that’s the best thing to do right? I can’t quite work out why I’d miss him. I’m not afraid to be alone or anything, because I’m just looking for the right person and I’ve always been single so it’s not that. I just enjoy talking to him and everything seems pretty great. I just don’t like him in that way, especially not on a physical level. It’s been horrible letting him down but now it’s like I’m stuck on an emotional rollercoaster and deep down I don’t think he’ll settle for just being friends (he’s said he’d miss me too much if we parted ways too). So do I just leave? I guess that’s probably the answer, but it seems deeper than that... idk pls give my idiot self some advice lol
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I think you answered your own question already....

It's kinder to end it now so you can both move on with your lives without anyone expecting something that can never happen. It might hurt at first but you'll both get over it in time and find a new friend/lover. You are just wasting time delaying it. I've had a lot of awful things happen to me and lost a lot of family/friends/partners, even lost a child. After time you'll be ok.... we will all lose someone at some point and accepting that is part of life and being happy again.

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You have been honest and told him how you were truly feeling, so that’s good.

Don’t worry about not breaking it off soon, it all takes time to find out whether or not you’re attracted to someone, you might have just needed longer time.

You should leave. Cut all contact with him; phone number, social media, delete pictures etc.

It’s going to be hard but that’s how dating goes man. It’s not for the weak-hearted.

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