I want to lose weight.

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I'm 19 and currently 68kg and 5ft 5.
I want to gain a little muscle and lose weight down to 55kg preferably.
Is this achievable- 13kg weight loss?
I need to start getting healthier because health issues like diabetes run in my family and I do not want to put myself at higher risk of it.
How do I stay motivated to eat healthily and persist with the gym?
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Obviously the best person to discuss this with is your doctor and ask them what your BMI ideally should be, as they know all about you and your medical history, as with weight loss is so different for everyone. However, in terms of what worked for me, I'd say this: start small and build up - that way you won't get sick of your lifestyle change (I call it a lifestyle change rather than a diet because for you to persist with any healthier eating or exercise habits, these things need to be things you do consistently).

Do not try to cut back on loads of foods (because after a few weeks or less, you'll start craving loads of food), but instead change your old habits into healthy ones. E.g. if you drink lots of sugary drinks (including orange juice, coffees from Costa, Starbucks etc., always look for red labels on prepackaged food to look for sugar content), then do not drink them as much, e.g. if you drank three orange juices or full-fat sodas a day, then for a week drink two, then a week later try drinking one. You could also switch to diet sodas but drink these in moderation (like 1 a day) as caffeine can cause palpitations.

I would say the same for foods - for me, it was the fact that I would eat like 5 chocolate bars a day in 2020 (I was overweight back then), so I stopped eating all of those and instead made a rule that if I was going to have something sweet, I'd bake it myself at home once a week: I recommend having allowances for foods you like weekly so that you don't get fed up on your diet, but be careful not to eat too much of foods high in sugar and saturated fat like chocolates, crisps, chips etc. Also make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day too as the brain can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger.

As for muscle-building, I'd ask your gym if you can speak to a personal trainer about that, but when speaking to a personal trainer be honest about how often you'll be attending the gym (i.e. don't say you'll be at the gym six times a week if realistically you can only be at the gym twice a week most of the year).

Another tip of mine would be don't stress too much about getting to the particular 'goal weight' of '55kg' as your weight can fluctuate depending on the time of day, hormones etc., which can really be disheartening if you are fixated on a certain number, instead just think about your ideal BMI and whether you are in that range.

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