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Hey guys! I am quite stressed about my GCSE’s at the moment for no apparent reason. I currently attend a rigorous and very reputed all-girls grammar school in London. I managed to pass all 7 of my 11+ school exams, and received 2 academic scholarships. I am going to year 9 in September. Academically speaking, I am pretty good at Biology, Physics, English and Maths/core subjects. I am working on my Chemistry at the moment (you could say that I am a little over average.) I have Spanish tuition, which means that I am pretty ahead of my classmates, and I aim to do my GCSE in it early. I am bilingual (Hindi and English,) and learning a third language is quite easy for me. I have a moderately developed skill set in coding (python specifically,) as I also take out of school classes in it. This boosts my chance of achieving a high grade in computer science, so I will also take that. I am average at Geography and History, and will do them for GCSE. I am Grade 1 violin, Grade 1 singing and almost Grade 1 in piano (I started my instruments late.) My fundamental understanding in music theory will probably mean that the GCSE exam will be easier for me. Subsequently, I will most likely do music. I enjoy playing Chess, Reading and Debating in my spare time. I am very academically driven, and I genuinely try my best in school at all times. I would like to know if I am on track to receiving good grade at GCSE? (ideally all 8’s and 9’s.)
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You're doing way more than I did when I was in year 9 and my GCSEs came out great. If you're studying effectively and retaining/ understanding information so early, by the time you get to year 11 you'll definitely be getting the top grades. Just try not to burn yourself out.

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