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Is UWE Bristol a nice university? And are UK people more care about their Interior uk ranking than world ranking? Some websites say UWE Bristol is ranked at 58 in uk and 401 in world ranking. But QS world ranking says it’s ranked at 801-1000 instead. And is UWE Bristol Radiotherapy famous in uk? Thanks!!
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I haven't been to any other universities so I can't compare it with anything, but I thought it was alright. The lecturers were good for the most part though some were questionable. The social life was very good but the student support wasn't that great and I didn't feel some of the the grades were particularly objective but depended on the opinions of some lecturers.

At the time I had no idea about university rankings or anything, I just went to it because it was close and offered the course I wanted (software engineering). In hindsight I would try to get into a better ranked university.

I didn't like most of the people in my course but had a lot of friends there overall. I remember the election for student union president was a joke, and this popular guy won despite being known for streaking.

Got a decent job (and several other job offers) after graduating from there with a 2:1. People didn't care about it being an ex-poly. University felt like jumping through a series of hoops to get a rubber stamp rather than actually learning much, but that's probably the same no matter where you go.

I don't regret going there but if I were to take a 2nd degree I'd try to go to a more well established / redbrick university.

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