My younger brother's student finance maintenance loan is £0

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My younger brother has had his SFE maintenance loan default to an overpayment all summer long even after I have gone through the process of checking the information and resubmitting with him now, we keep getting the same stock response below:

"We've reassessed your student finance for academic year 2020/21

Your student finance was based on income estimates provided by your
parents. We requested evidence to confirm their actual income and had no
response so we've had to reassess your application.

This means you've been awarded student finance that doesn't depend on your
household income and that you may have been paid more loan than you were
entitled to for that year.

What happens next
You can log into your student finance account to view your most recent
assessment. We've also sent you a separate letter which shows this.

We will look to recover any overpayment from your entitlement in the
2021/22 academic year if you are continuing with your studies. Depending on
the amount of overpayment, you may receive less or no loan in the 2021/22....."

And so forth. The problem here is that we have submitted the information asked at least twice now. My mum was vulnerable last year as the only employed parent and my dad is physically unable to work much due to health issues and age so he's retired. But mum shielded to protect herself and dad, taking a massive paycut which even made paying rent/utilities included/groceries were severely impacted. My brother is definitely entitled to the full grant based on household income yet SFE has consistently labelled hi as having an overpayment so he has £0 for the upcoming academic year. If this isn't fixed in the next few weeks there's no way for him to come in for his second year. We need advice desperately on this case, and the many many emails claiming my parents did not submit their evidence is alarming in its frequency after jumping through the hoops demanded of us. This is worrying him so much now he's developed a tension headache for a week and a half and is going for an MRI today. This is how badly sfe is ruining his health and he has no idea what to do so I thought to reach out on here.


SFE keeps reassessing my brother's maintenance loan as overpaid because we have not provided evidence of my parents income for the 2020/2021 financial year & 2021/2022 current income. Mum is the only one working and we have provided EVERYTHING on her salary, whilst dad is retired for health reasons but has no pension or any income coming in AT ALL.
We are desperate for this issue to be solved, it's almost 4 months now of the exact same email being sent again and again of "not receiving the financial year documents" which we've repeatedly submitted online as requested.

Apologies this is so long, but as you can imagine this is extremely stressful to all right now.

From my vantage point as as older sis who had to complete the same re-assements yearly till 2017, it really looks like sfe is choosing to destroy my younger brother's mental health. It wants him to beg on the streets this coming academic year to be able to afford any food with a loan of £0. And he's supposed to sleep in a donated tent case he won't when have money for a tent. This situation has truly shocked me and I need answers.

Thank you in advance for reading this all and I'm seriously hoping we can be helped before August ends.
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Hey I've gone through the same thing after a lot of stress I *think* it is finally sorted. My mum submitted P60s/P45s etc. to absolutely no avail.
Essentially, it is an issue about closing the loop if there was a sudden loss of income in the 2020-21 academic year and just sending the P60 won't cut it.
From what I understand, you need to send a 2020-21 PR2 form for each parent to SFE (so 2), regardless of income status. They didn't tell my parents about this either until I rang up, it is just so poorly communicated. A proof of income during for the 2021-22 year just does not prove anything for some unbeknownst reason.

I hope this helps, best of luck sorting it

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