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I have been working on SJT and have noticed that on different websites i feel like I get different 'correct answers' for similar questions.
When asked specifically questions surrounding reporting a mistake or reporting someone who was heavily drinking the night before (for example), sometimes the correct answer will be 'very inappropriate as you want to go directly to the individual and not escalate the situation' but sometimes its 'appropriate as reporting to the higher ups will resolve the situation but he should try to go to the individual first'. Am I missing something?

Here's an example:
A group of five second-year medical students are undertaking a group project which forms part of their grade. One of the group members Alex has turned up 20 minutes late to their third team meeting. He has been late to every single meeting. Sarah, the team leader is becoming slightly frustrated as Alex’s lack of punctuality is disrupting the group’s progress.

How appropriate are each of the following responses by Sarah in this situation? - Report Alex to their tutor - answer very inappropriate

Julia is a 4th year medical school student completing her placement in a GP surgery. Julia and her friend have a case-based discussion exam approaching which involves presenting a real-life case which they have seen whilst on their placement. Julia notices that her friend is taking photographs of the patient's confidential medical notes on their mobile phone to save time writing up the details.

How appropriate are each of the following responses by Julia in this situation? - Report his friend to the GP that they are shadowing - answer appropriate
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I disagree with them being similar scenarios, in the first one you should talk to Alex first before anything to understand why he is late to the meetings, he may have an issue in his personal life for example . The second one is a clear breach of medical ethics so it must be reported hence telling a tutor or a supervisor is appropriately to do

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