Who's at fault, me or my employer?

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So I recently got fired from a waitressing job after a few days of working there.
Apparently there were some aspects of the job that weren't for me and that I didn't look like I was enjoying myself. (I was, I was just tired)

But I'll start with my side of the story:

They put my first shift on a Sunday (which I'm sure everyone knows that restaurants are busy on Sundays).
They didn't really give me any proper training, just kinda dumped me on a colleague and I had to shadow her all day.
They didn't have me fill out any forms (bank details, emergency contacts, etc.) on the first day - ironically, this was done the day I was fired.
They didn't really teach me how to place orders, kinda had to always ask where something was on the system
I felt like they were just giving me tasks that no one else wanted to do, it made me feel like I was just another task on their to do lists.
On my first day, only got a 15 minute break for lunch
On my last day, didn't get a break until 3:30, started at 10:30

I don't know, I just feel really disheartened - but who's at fault here, me or my employer?
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Unfortunately this is the nature of the hospitality industry generally. After working at 4 restaurants I have only experienced being treated fairly by the employers at one place. Long unsociable hours and barely a break- probably even worse now that many restaurants and bars are understaffed due to covid. Try not to be disheartened- i recommend trying a cafe waitressing job if youre after something less fast paced? good luck
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No doubt it’ll feel crushing to have been fired, as that implies you were bad at your job, when actually you hadn’t even been properly trained. It doesn’t sound like a positive workplace in any case. In your next job, take what you have learned from this difficult experience, and establish when you will be trained, by whom and for how long, and also what the expectations are re breaks. My worst experience of working was in a volunteering role, and it made me appreciate exactly what I wanted to know from the outset in any similar subsequent role. To answer your question: the locating the blame is immaterial, as your former employer will do nothing to rectify it. Good luck.
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