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I would like to become a CILEX lawyer since the working hours are better, salary is still great and you specialise in a specific area - which all really appeal to me
Overall, I am sure I want to pursue this career, however I’m unsure how.
I preferably Would like to do an apprenticeship post A Levels but the CILEX website hasn’t posted any apprenticeships yet - assuming this is because recruiting season isn’t here yet?
Or I could go to university, do a law degree & do the fast track though I believe to even get onto the fast track, you need 2 years Legal experience ?
Anyways, could somone please please recommend a decent apprenticeship for this CILEX course based in London?
I don’t mind the solicitor apprenticeship But the thing is most last 6 years and you have to wait 6 years to gain any sort of qualification - being the degree and solicitor title
Whereas the CILEX route is a better fit for me personally, as a 5-year course, it isnt completely a risk because i know you also qualify as a paralegal along the way ...
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