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I’m 21 and from London. I have just finished my economics degree and moved back into my mums house about a week ago.

Me and my mum have a bad relationship and I have now been given 2 weeks to pack my stuff and leave the house for good. I only have £500 in my bank account, no work experience and I am waiting on my national insurance number to start applying for jobs.

I don’t know what to do since it’s unlikely I will find a place or a job well paid job within 2 weeks time so I’ll likely have to stay at hotels until I find a a job or my money runs out. If so, i will be homeless since all my relatives live in a different continent

What do I do in this situation
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What's to stop you sucking it up, reaching out to your mum and asking her to have a frank and emotive discussion about things? Apologising for what stress you may have brought into the relationship, and exploring your differences/divide? I know if I was being kicked out (in London of all places) I would be desperately trying to calm things down and talk, to try and at least postpone me being kicked out until I had a job.

If that doesn't work, you should be religiously polishing your CV to the best it can be, and applying for jobs. Even if it's "beneath your education", a lot of jobs need immediate starters. If you can do that, you might just be able to squeeze into a house-share. Don't pay for hotels if you can help it, unless you are desperately out of options.

A lot can be done in two weeks, you can thank the internet for that. Don't waste the last of your money, save it for necessities/job travel/interview travel. Might want to think about moving out of London to somewhere more affordable. With an economics degree the world should be your oyster for work. Once you get settled for a moment at an address, see if you qualify to Universal Credit.

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