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Hi everyone! Clearing is upon us and results day is this Tuesday.

I thought I would leave a post about what to expect based on my experience as a student and as a clearing hotline operator!

UCAS Track Email
On the morning of clearing I woke up to an email from track telling me that I had got into my university. This gave me an indication of my results without yet going in to receive them.
If you haven't got in, don't panic! It is very easy to imagine that you have got all Us and that is why you have been rejected, but it is most likely not that bad.

Getting Your Results
On my results day I walked to my sixth form to collect an envelope with my results in. This may be different this year as some colleges and sixth forms are emailing results.
I opened my results with my teachers and had a chat about them. I was mainly so excited to tell them that I had got my first choice!

If you have your results emailed or choose to bring your envelope home, consider having a parent or a friend with you when you open them. This is great for celebrating or moral support.
Remember whatever grade you get, you have worked through a pandemic and that is a massive achievement in itself!

I need to use clearing, what now?
On Tuesday, universities will open their clearing hotlines! This means a team will be on the phones to take you through an application form and hopefully get you a place at your university of choice. All of the courses that are available will be on UCAS clearing and you can call the university to apply for a place.

You can call from your own home or at your college/sixth form. If you are upset or need some support, ask a member of staff to make the call with you. My head of sixth form sat and made calls with anyone who wanted her help. Although, don't worry, the operator on the other end will be very friendly and we want to give you a place!

Clearing hotlines will be open for a few weeks to come yet so do not worry about having to make a choice on the day. It is just worth noting that the longer you leave it, the more places will be taken. In some cases, such as those that require an interview or a portfolio, it is better to get in touch as soon as possible.

Good luck for Tuesday! Remember that you are making history by working through a pandemic and you should be proud of yourself.

Here is YSJ's clearing guide in case you are considering joining us! We would love to have you:

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