parents get mad when i order things

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idk if it's just my parents, but they literally get mad whenever a parcel of mine arrives at our house. i literally ordered a £2 calendar today and they had a go at me because i'm always ordering and i spent so much money. but if i go out shopping and spend £500 it's no problem.
i always pray that my amazon things come in one parcel. because one big parcel with like 50 items is alright but 5 small parcels is "too much" (that's how my parents brain works)
i also try to stand by the window and open the door before the postman rings the doorbell, but i dont always know what time my parcels come.
i don't even order alot. like 2-4 parcels a week. and i mostly order things that i NEED not want. i dont see the point in going out to get stuff when i can order online, and for cheaper. but i'm the only person who really orders stuff in my family so it seems like i order "too much". i also literally work and spend my own money so idk what their problem is
its soo annoying. i just want to move out so i can order things freely without my parents throwing a fuss every. single. time.
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they already had a massive go at me today, but im stressing cuz they dont know i have another parcel coming today
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You can also order deliveries be sent to an amazon locker or click&collect point in your local area.

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