Will My Dad find out I've Been Claiming Universal Credit?

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I've been living with him for a few months due to losing my job, but he's very strict/controlling and doesn't like the idea of me being on benefits, so I claimed it behind his back and then I'm just paid by them for the living expenses part but not the housing part (I don't pay him rent).

However, he's just opened a new claim himself and is going for the UC interview tomorrow. His claim will include a housing element. I assume also he has/will not declared me as staying with him on the Universal Credit form, as he sees me as more of a "temporary guest," but I know non-dependents will reduce how much he can claim. And they will have a record of me on the system as living/claiming at this address (even if I am not paid for housing costs).

I know technically speaking, given privacy laws they should not be able to inform him I am living here, but the last thing I need is my dad going into his interview and them being like "Someone has already been claiming from your address." Which knowing Work Coaches they can easily do.

Luckily I have just gotten a job myself (as a bartender but it's paid well) so I am looking for a place of my own starting in the next few weeks. However I would really really rather my dad didn't find out I have been claiming, he has a bad temper and will definitely kick off over this.

Is there any way I can get around this? Either by moving ASAP, like in the next few days, and/or just closing my own Universal Credit claim immediately? (I have the new job anyway so don't need the money, although it sucks as I will be missing out on a few weeks of it). I was thinking maybe close my own claim, move ASAP and also start reclaiming once I have my own, new address. But anyway the most important thing is that my dad doesn't find out I've been claiming.
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The DWP & their employees are not allowed to share your information with family members without your express consent and written authority.
You have probably already notified the DWP that you are living with relatives as part of your UC claim.
It is likely that your father will also notify them that you live with him.
The DWP may reduce your father's maximum claim eligibility based on the fact that he allows other adults to live with him.

If you immediately move out and change your registered address with UC, your contact info will be updated within 24hrs.
After the address is changed, there will be no current shared address with your father on the DWP systems.
But if you do use a friend's address, ensure that you have their consent to do so and offer them some payment or something in exchange.
Good luck!

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