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Lancaster University
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This is the official Lancaster University thread for all applicants starting in 2022. If you are considering Lancaster University as one of your choices, we’d love to hear from you. Whatever your questions, we’re here to help.

Things we get asked all the time:

  • Where is Lancaster?
  • How far is that from London?
  • Really? That far?
  • What is student life like?
  • Which college is closest to my Monday morning lecture?
  • And what is it with the ducks?
You can find out about Lancaster University by visiting our main website. And if you already have a good idea what you want to study, check out the Faculties:

And you can always request a prospectus.

So, get in touch and tell us what you’re thinking of studying and why.

The reps on The Student Room are nearly all current students (and we pay them to do this), so they are just like you, and can hopefully give you the real view on what it’s like to study here.
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