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Gcse help! Romeo and Juliet

Does anyone have quote bank with analysis grade 8/9, that helped them achieve grade 8/9 in mocks or real thing for romeo and Juliet. If so would mean the worlddddd dm me
I didn't do my gcse's because of covid but got awarded a grade 9. I managed to find some of my old revision material i made, don't know how good it is though lol

I also have a lot more quizlet flashcards if you want!

If you go onto the website "Physics & Maths tutor", it has lots of top grade analysis for GCSE English Literature texts (Romeo & Juliet + many more).
I believe it has character analysis, theme analysis and quote banks somewhere within with analysis? I used the website to make flashcards for the references, along with the analysis there and my own analysis.

Good luck!
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I literally mostly used Stacey Reay on youtube, she has really good analysis for different themes/characters that are for the top grade and i used her videos to make mind maps.
My biggest advice for English would be to write a perfect 30/30 essay once and then try to replicate that under timed conditions. The more you practice; the quicker and easier it becomes to form sophisticated essays (which is key to getting a high grade!). Another thing I would recommend is to try learning quotes that are not that popular, this is so that the examiner gets a bit refreshed from looking at your essay. Also, I would advise learning to write quicker and to plan faster (maybe even in your head?).

If you are interested I can send you a copy of the essay I wrote in my mock, (I did AQA and it achieved 28/30 - though I strongly feel like it is a 30/30, but my teacher just didn't want to give it to me since he gave me full marks on my Frankenstein essay and he was known in our school for being the strictest marker) :smile:.
i found that having physical flashcards helped more but i think what really helped me get the grades was doing practice tests or plans! i would make up potential exam questions and write a plan from memory or would write the essay as if it was the actual exam. it can be tedious but really helps with thinking on your feet in the actual exam!
would you also be able to send it to me please :smile:
Hi, can you send it too me as well please. I really need a model answer to see how i could write more sophisticated.

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