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Hi, I am about to go into Year 12 and I have been researching universities for a long time now and I wanted to discuss the Data Science degree at LSE and if it would be suitable for me or if they have other courses more suitable for me.
For my A-levels I will do Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths, and Physics (with the potential of dropping physics).
I am very interested in computer science and the programming aspect and I apsire to become a software engineer preferably at a big company in the US with a nice big paycheck but the main thing is that I love computer science which I why I want to persue it.
Unfortunately, LSE, a very nice looking uni with a seemingly good international reputation has, does not have Computer Science as a degree. The closest thing to it I can find is Data Science.
I have researched Data science and it seems to be quite a nice career that I could *potentially* be interested in. However, I am fearful of two main things:
1) Would me doing Data Science as a degree would narrow my options down to data science as a career? What if I end up not being interested in that? A computer science degree would be much more broad and with that I could probably go into data science if I wanted to anyway.
2) Is the Data Science course at LSE even Data Science? The course just seems to be economics and statistics... I personally don't like economics.

Please give me advice and suggestions.
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