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Hello All,

I've been considering applying to the master's in Mathematics and Finance at Imperial College (and other UK Universities with similar master's programs, e.g. Oxford, UCL). I'm not from Europe (I'm from Brazil) and I have a few questions concerning the selection process.
I've been reading tons of forums, but it's hard to get a real idea if you are foreign, so I decided to ask a few questions.

1) I know it's very selective. But how exceptional are the candidates that get into it? I was wondering if I have any chances, or if I'm wasting my time.

My Background:
> Graduated in Electronics Engineering from one of the most prestigious Engineering Uni in Brazil (Final Grade 85% [UK upper second equivalent is 75%, so I'm between upper second and first degree)
> Master's in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the same School (Final grade 90%).
> International Experience: Master's research was performed in the German Aerospace Agency as a guest researcher (1-year duration)
> 2 Papers in Signal Processing/Machine learning during master's
> Have been working in Goldman Sachs NY Team (remotely) as Strat/Quant for 1year (meaning I already have tons of experience in the field I'm applying).

2) Is selection biased toward Europeans/Uk citizens? I read some posts that said that politics and networking play a huge part in the selection process... So I was again wondering if the selection is fair, or if I'm wasting my time since I did not study in a European school.

3) Some Schools say that they perform interviews as part of the selection process. Are those interview technical based? Which fields of mathematics should I be prepared to answer?

PS: I know that for most people doing a MSC in Mathematics is the whole idea of entering a big bank/fund... But I intend to do this master simply to be able to work from London (transferring between countries in Goldman is not easy)... since program only lasts 1 year I think it's worth it (+ it will polish my math/quant skills)
Bumping this for you.
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
I know that most of the people at Imperial Math Finance this year have industry experience in institutions like Citadel and Jane street working in quant positions so they had tons of industry knowledge.
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did you get in at the end?

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