Is your uni doing a blended learning approach this academic year?

Poll: Do you think continuing blended learning at university this year is the right thing to do?
Yes (9)
No (3)
I'm not sure (1)
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Gavin Williamson recently called on universities to stop online learning, but universities across the country have responded saying that they will continue with a blended learning approach. This means there will be a mixture of online and in person learning at several universities this year.

The OfS has stated that as long as the university provides good quality teaching, this is all ok - how do you feel about it?

Has your university said they will be doing a blended learning approach? Let us know and we can add it to our list!

Has mentioned they will continue online lectures/blended learning:
  • UCL
  • LSE
  • Imperial College
  • Cardiff
  • St Andrews - large lectures online
  • University of Edinburgh - large lectures online
  • Warwick
  • Nottingham
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds - hybrid approach (but also claims there will be multiple face-to-face sessions a week)
  • SOAS - most large lectures online, recorded, on-demand and small groups, seminars and supervisions in-person
  • Bangor - hoping majority of teaching will be in-person if restrictions allow
  • University of Liverpool - wants as much face-to face as poss but expecting a blend of online and in-person
  • Cambridge most teaching in-person but ‘some online’
  • Oxford most learning in-person but “enhanced by online teaching”

Are you happy to be doing a mix of online and in-person learning if your uni is on the list? Do you have any concerns? Has your uni been transparent about how learning will work this year?

Let us know your thoughts!
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I'm starting at USW this month and they are taking a blended learning approach. I 'believe ' the larger the number of students in a lecture (particular module) the more likely it is to be online. I'm awaiting confirmation for my course but I think practicals in the lab and out in the field involve being divided into smaller groups for face to face learning. I feel that this is a sensible approach as covid has not gone away and factors such as crowds of people will affect risk. However I am really hoping we don't go back into lockdown as it's important for students to have access to university facilities and proper uni experiences. Luckily I am not moving into halls (mature student) as I would probably find it very difficult being restricted to a room and limited communal area, especially for an unspecified length of time.
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