Tonsil Stones (Tonsilloliths) and Bad Breath - Anyone else suffer with this problem?

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    Does anyone here suffer from this condition?

    Hers a brief explanation;
    Tonsil stones are small cream coloured lumps that form in your tonsils and sometimes feel like a foreign body in your throat. Eventually they work their way out and you either cough them up or swallow them. If you ever squash one between your fingers they give off an awful smell a bit like rotten eggs.

    I have suffered with tonsil stones for about 4 or 5 years now and only recently found out what they actually were. If you suffer from this condition chances are you may also sufffer from bad breath as I do.

    I was always too embarrassed to ask anyone about them and eventually found out by researching the problem myself.
    I suppose the reason I am writing this is to try and help other suffers with this condition, because after reading other posts I know there are a lot of other suffers out there.

    I now use an oral treatment that works really well in reducing tonsil stones and seems to completely stop my bad breath.

    For more information about tonsil stones check out:

    If anyone else suffers with tonsil stones or bad breath please tell us your story.

    hmmm.. i used to get them. didnt know they were a condition! they seem to have gone away though.

    Gosh, I used to have those all the time when I was younger - and recently I've had a few appearing. Wasn't aware that they were a "condition". Can't say I'm aware of having/ever having had bad breath though, thankfully.

    I used to, but they've gone away in recent years. I actually found out what they were through a similar thread on TSR and will be forever grateful to whoever it was that stopped me worrying about them :yes:

    I suffered from this for a number of years aswell until i had my tonsils removed. Turns out its a sort of rotting of the tonsils on the inside, making them even harder to remove. Well thats what my doctor told me after the op anyway. Once their removed, its so much better!
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Updated: October 23, 2008
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