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Eton College Summer School successes

Hi, I was wondering how many people who attend this summer school then successfully gain a place at Oxford/Cambridge and how important the course was. Any information gratefully received.
A lot of them do and i'm sure a lot from this year's cohort will. How much of this success is down to Eton I can't say as everyone there is already very intelligent and has top grades, but actually getting on the course is an achievement in itself and universities will recognise that. It's a great experience that can really expand your academic horizons and take your work to the next level, also you do get advice on Oxbridge and practice interviews so I suppose this may help some but at the end of the day i'd say that such stuff can't really make someone get into Oxford or Cambridge.
I was told when I was there that about 75% generally get accepted to Oxbridge - but as dig_the_pony says, this is probably because the people who go on the course go through a selection process, and are typical Oxbridge applicants anyway (i.e they have good grades and are intelligent!), so how much such a course helps is debatable. Basically, the people are on the course because they have a good change of getting into Oxbridge anyway, so of course a high proportion will go on to be successful.

I would say the Eton course is good just for the experience, not necessarily the knowledge or preparation for Oxbridge you might gain (although obviously that's helpful too).

I used the word course a lot in that post.
it won't make a difference to your app in the sense that it will not 'help you to get in'

so so many schools don't offer this programme nor do a vast majority of students know about this scheme - it is something worth having for the experience nonetheless
I had a friend who went on the course this year and says that most of the people didn't even get four As. I doubt going on it increases your chances significantly if at all, the keys to getting in are mostly personal.
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i didn't get on it and got into oxford

my friend did go to it and was turned down from oxford.

for example
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I doubt it makes any difference to admissions but the experience was amazing. 75% seems really high though - we can all hope anyway!
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I went and subsequently recieved an offer.
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I did not attend Nor did I get an offer from Oxbridge. :p:
Id say about 3/4 of the people who i was with last year got an oxbridge place, possibly more. I wouldnt say its down to the course, just that it's a collection of some of teh brightest and most determined applicants from stateschools gathered under one roof. Apart from me. I didnt get in and I lied about attendong a state school so guess the joke was one me :tongue:

very glad not to however as now taking gap year, but that was irrelevant
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I went and I've got an offer from Oxford now.
If anyone is thinking of applying - DO!
I think it definitely strengthed my application, but also it gave me an experience of the intense Oxbridge lifestlye that made me certain that I wanted to apply to Oxbridge later on.
I gained invaluable experiences from it, and it certainly gave me more confidence and knowledge (or at least a basis that I could build on afterwards - areas of interest I went on to develop etc) for the Oxford interviews.
And it paid off. =]
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I went on it last year and I didn't get into Oxbridge but I still think it was fantastic and definitely worth applying for. Of course it isn't a sure fire way for an Oxbridge place but it's definitely going to help your application more than hinder it. :smile:
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I REALLY want to apply but my school won't let me bcos I've already been on a similar course. I understand as it's fairer for others to go onto it...BUT...

... it really annoys me that one or two of them who got picked to apply aren't even passionate about their subjects and don't really care whether they do go or not (they just like the sound that most ppl who are there are "oxbridge material" and want the "prestige" )!! :woo:

Good luck with the applications those fo you who are applying and all the best! =)
I went on it and subsequently got on offer from Cambridge. It wasn't touched upon at my interview and I don't think it made a huge difference to my application on paper, however what I gained from the summer school in terms of improving my confidence and my drive to achieve I think it really helped. I had never experienced such an intense and challenging level of academic work and finding out that I enjoyed it definitely raised my university ambitions. All the teachers are great and will give you good advice but I didn't feel there was a massive emphasis put on Oxbridge; we had a university morning in my subject group where the teachers gave presentations on interviews, personal statements and Oxbridge (bear in mind that most of this information is useful to any university application) and a practice interview. Given that I had two interviews outside of Cambridge this was of great use. I also got the teachers to look over my PS and these guys are pretty much experts on the matter as the Eton kids revise theirs about 4 times! Even after the summer school most teachers are willing to help you out via email which is really kind of them and also proved a lot more useful than the ignorant teachers at my school.

So all in all I really gained a lot from the summer school, however it didn't dramatically change anything about my application and I think it is likely I would have got an offer had I not gone on it (and I don't mean to sound pompous or arrogant when I say that). Of my friends from the summer school many of them have got in to Oxbridge, however they are all very intelligent people and would have been strong candidates without this. Really don't beat yourself up about not getting on the course, I know plenty of people who have got into Oxbridge without this summer school and when you look at the small numbers that get on it's only a tiny percentage of applicants, most people will be just like yourself.