Biomedical engineering course help?

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I’m really keen on doing Biomedical engineering at Aston Uni. However, I’m unsure about the degree. Any help to the questions below would be much appreciated please.

1. How much maths is required for the course? I did Bio-Chem-His at A level (I’m on a gap year). I didn’t do maths. Aston doesn’t require Maths A level, which is rare for any engineering course. This makes me think that maths isn’t a major part of the course, or doesn’t require a high level. I’m really worried that I’ve misinterpreted that, and in fact it might actually contain complex a level maths (which I didn’t do, therefore I’m fearful that I will be struggling throughout the course). Can any1 give me advice, if they have done the course ? I will also link the entry page, so you can see the modules and could please help explain.

2. It doesn’t give me the set weighting for each type of assessment. It just says they use a wide range like exams, essays, CW, computer projects etc. Does any1 know the exact weighting please. Also can you any1 please advice me on what modules would be better to do, for my a levels (so modules that contain more bio/chem content please)?

3. Can any1 please recommend any books/textbooks that accurately depict what the course is like please?

Thank you so much for reading. Sorry, If some of the questions r silly, or if this is badly written (I am writing in a rush sorry). I have also contacted Aston with the same questions, but was also wondering if any1 could also give me some advice in the meantime. Thank u

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