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Graduation day, University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow

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Original post by PerigeeApogee
I am back!

Quite liking that this year they've given out a list of the precise exam dates for each individual subject. Impressive.

except every single one of the exams I sat (I don't think ANY maths courses are up actually, just stats ones)

I've already spoken to my advisor though who told me when the examiners were meeting and when to expect my results
Graduation day, University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow
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Original post by PerigeeApogee

My girlfriend's Mech ones aren't up either.

All mine are thought. June 14th (leaving it to the last minute as usual...)

either way it must be about 80% of courses at least up there, so it should cut down the number of people who go on websurf every day trying to see their results and putting horrendous strain on the server

cheaper option than replacing the servers i suppose, good idea with all these cuts
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Original post by PerigeeApogee
I said from first year that they should do this. Never ever understood all the secrecy about when the results would be coming out.

Suppose they didn't want to risk having to answer to students when the inevitable happens and a set of results come out later than stated.

But still, this has been such an obvious solution!

Every year my friends would tell me that "the examiners meeting is on such and such a date" and that always meant the results would be a day or two later.
I found the information about that last year (though I can't remember where) but it was always so well hidden it was pointless, couldn't understand why they didn't just stick them all up on the examinations page.
I suppose it's a departmental thing rather than a registry thing though, the registry probably has no idea when the various departments are planning to hold their meetings
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Original post by PerigeeApogee
Yep. I always heard about it on the grapevine and then once I got into 4th year and you start getting to know lecturers a bit better they tend to tell their project students when it is.

Would love to know what goes on at these examiners meetings.

As far as I'm aware, they're to make decisions on borderline cases or cases with extenuating circumstances, and just to report on the general performance in each subject.

If that is the case, I don't see why students who aren't borderline can't have the course co-ordinator upload the results once the papers for that subject are marked.

I know for a fact that all but one of the subjects I've sat have all had their papers marked. Just seems stupid that they're going to sit there for another 2 weeks before I find out.

As far as I'm aware they don't do any 'mark adjustment' like they do with SQA exams. So why the wait?!

I'm pretty certain it's all of the above, but they definitely do move the grade boundaries in our courses, a lecturer told us such in one of our courses last year, saying "i don't like people talking about hard or easy course, if 90% of a class finds an exam easy, but 90% of a class finds an exam hard, that will be reflected in the grade boundaries", it's especially relevant with certain classes that have never been taught before, as the exam might have too much content or too little so the results reflect that.

and whilst most of the exams might be marked, the might like to compare the results in similar classes, for example, there's about 90 people in my year, but two of my classes were roughly the same 15 people in each, but in one of them we all did reasonably well, the other we all did reasonably poorly (both new courses), so if say every student got a result 2 grades better in the "easier" class, they might shift the boundary by quite a distance.

i don't really know.
all i care about at the moment is how awesome i'm going to look at my grad ball on thursday (kilting up!) and how drunk i'm going to get whilst there
I think telling us the exact dates of when specific exam results are released is a great idea. All my results should be out next Monday. Nervous to say the least....
They've given us exact dates? Totally haven't seen this?
I get my final degree classification in 2 days. Weirdly, I'm not nervous though.
9th of June for one...Eng Lang hasn't put it up...mind you they gave out results by email not registry last term...
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Original post by PerigeeApogee

Could anybody who knows provide a screen shot showing exactly where on the Websurf page your degree classification appears?

I want to hide it with a piece of paper and reveal it slowly to myself.

you don't find out until you walk up on stage and receive it

or (if i recall correctly) in your case when it gets posted out 8 weeks later
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Original post by PerigeeApogee
Found some info actually. You are such a BSer!

"Your degree parchment will be posted to you within 7-10 working days after the date of the last graduation ceremony."

hahaha I got exactly the response I was aiming for though

they post it within 7-10 days but it's royal mail second class so it takes about 8 weeks to arrive
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Got a 2.2, but no individual module results yet. Reasonably happy that it's all over, but slightly disappointed considering I thought I was hovering around a 2.1.
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Original post by PerigeeApogee
Bad times.

Any chance of a screen shot of your websurf (with the relevant info blacked out of course) showing where the degree classification makes it appearance?

It's on ExamSURF, I can't get on WebSURF. When you log on it'll have your degree classification under 'Result Description' (where they usually put Good, Excellent etc).
Original post by PerigeeApogee
I see. So it just shows up as if it's another module?

Yes. For my course they lumped all the modules (core, options, dissertation) together into just Geography.
I hadn't given the marking scheme much thought, but it's hindering a few of my applications. Why can't they give our results in the conventional form (i.e bands and percentages)? Life would be a bit easier.

Although, it would also be easier if firms allowed for some latitude in the form of results that they accept...
Original post by PerigeeApogee
Well I suppose it gives you some lee-way to make yourself look better, no?

i.e. if an A2 is defined as 79.5-83.4% (which it is), then you could just take the highest value, even if in actuality you got the lowest value.

Company is never going to know anyway, even the transcript only gives the grade.

Anyway, I've never come across a company that accepted them in weird formats :s-smilie:.

Only time it's been strange was when I applied for a scholarship from an American company and had to give my GPA out of 4 rather than 16.

I could do that, but when I take my transcripts along to interview they would be entitled to ask 'how did you know?'

Most just ask for 'result' or 'grade', but some (CMS Cameron McKenna and McGrigors, to name a couple) have specified band & percentage. Ho Hum, few months to work it out.
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Got a B1 in Philosophy!
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Original post by d123
Got a B1 in Philosophy!

did you really get a B1 in Philosophy?
did you even study Philosophy?

am i really asking these questions?
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Original post by PerigeeApogee
What is it you do again, Munn?

maths (technically applied maths going by the modules I chose but officially it's just "Mathematics BSc")

The strange thing is there's 3 choices, Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Mathematics.

All 3 make you do compulsory courses in Analysis and Differential Equations as well as a project in third year.

Then if you do Applied you can choose courses like Newtonian Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics, if you do Pure Maths you can choose courses like Algebra, Geometry and Topology.
But if you do Mathematics you can choose any course you want.

Terrific design I'm sure you'll agree.
Original post by d123
Got a B1 in Philosophy!

Congrats, that's fantastic!

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