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I just started year 12 and i wanted to practice and exam question, although i haven't finished it yet can you please tell me if it's good The question is: wat are the features of Direct democracy?
Democracy is when citizens have a say and opinions in issues that may concern them. An example of Democracy is direct democracy. This is when citizens are involved in the decision making. Referendums is an example of direct democracy, this is when citizens decide on what they want. The United kingdom recently had a referendum which was in 2016 where the British public chose to leave the EU. Without a direct democracy, there would be a need of representatives so people would not take responsibility for their decisions and they would have to rely on a representative to get their views across. An anti-democracy is when people oppose and are hostile towards the theories and policies that align with democracy. It would have a great influence if direct democracy was taught in school because students would understand that when they are over the age of 18 they are qualified to vote and shouldn’t rely on representatives to get their views across. Democracy was also used In 2011 when the United kingdom had a referendum asking the public to vote on changes to the voting system. Other examples that called for a democracy is when George Floyd was killed and many citizens of America signed many petitions to get the police offers arrested. This had a great influence on the case because it pressured the Government in Minneapolis to take the situation to court and it caught attention from the media which made capturing headlines. In conclusion direct democracy is very important as it promotes participation In politics as are expected to take their roles seriously. However, direct democracy promotes manipulation because as representatives may persuade people to vote for them.
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A lot of this answer doesn't actually address the question. For 10 mark answers you're looking to give factual knowledge straight away, and avoid evaluating and analysing your answer. Avoid using words like 'therefore', 'because', 'this means'.

The examples you use are great, but describe the actual functions of direct democracy. This could be:
- Citizens' voices are heard equally
- Decisions are made based on the majority of people's consent
- Representatives or delegates are not needed

Don't evaluate the importance of these, don't analyse the connections between them. Just describe what they are, and give some examples to show some deeper understanding.

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