Trying to get rational, real, and serious about this Maths degree (GYG 2021-22)

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Trying to get rational real serious about this Maths degree (GYG 2021-22)

:rave: Welcome to my GYG thread!! :dance:

I am Quantumkoala and I'm a (repeated) third-year maths student
This year I'm trying to essentially go out with a bang and nail it whilst making active attempts to not lose my mind this time... what's uni without a little mental breakdown here and there :aetsch:

:woo:A bit about me
  • I am very into Harry Potter and am now slightly obsessed :^_^:
  • I really enjoy charity shopping (I recently completed a saga where I decided to find all the Harry Potter books only in charity shops... took me 3 weeks)
  • I am recovering from an ED that resulted in my interruption (and repeated year) but recovery has been going well. Taking care of my mental health is going to be particularly important for me this year :party:
  • I looooovee marvel, I have on 3 different occasions binge-watched all of the movies in chronological order in the space of about 3 days (my fav is Captain America: First Avenger):love:
  • I love to dance :badger::banana:

I'm actually very excited for the start of the term although I am not naive of what usually follows a statement like that


It's this

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But hey, here's to some optimism this year :beerglass:

Where I am starting from


:fluffy:Ah second year, the year of wild and reckless behaviour and skiving lectures... oh and the resulting less than picture-perfect grades

Algebra 2: 43.97%
Complex Analysis: 52.02%
Differential Equations: 40.12% (Imagine passing by 0.12%... never again)
Introduction to Numerical Analysis: 59.79%
Multivariable Calculus: 66.73%
Probability and Statistics 2: 40.72%
Real Analysis: 43.61%
Statistical Modelling 1: 56.40%
Year 2 Mathematics Year 2 Project: 79.00%

But COVID may have actually saved my hopes of graduating with a decent grade because my uni had a safety net policy that meant I got 62% for the second year.

Then was my first attempt at third year... turns out developing an ED screws with one's ability to do decent maths quite a lot, so I got really ill, had to do some hospital time but now I'm a lot better and I'm ready to go again!

I quite quickly learned the types of maths that I enjoyed doing and those that I did not (pure sucks, applied all the way :bl:) and so when choosing my modules for this year (and last year), I chose lots of applied ones and so this is what I'll be attempting this year

This year's modules

Fluid Dynamics 1
Computational Linear Algebra: 71.80% (I finished this one before I had to interrupt)
Mathematical Biology
Special Relativity and Electromagentism (or Classical Dynamics, haven't decided yet)
Fluid Dynamics 2
Applied Complex Analysis
Research Project in Mathematics
Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Now to make a hopefully drastic improvement to my grades happen, my goals are
  • Go to all my lectures and annotate my printed notes there
  • Make my own sets of notes
  • Make a set of 'gapped' notes so that I can attempt to reproduce sections of my notes 3 times across the year
  • Go to ALL of my tutorials
  • Attempt all my exercise sheets by exam time
  • Actually, attempt past papers
  • Take breaks and keep up with my sports
  • Actively try to take care of my mental health

At some point when I know exactly what modules I'll be doing, I'll start doing some more exact planning and start making some trackers to keep on top of which exercise sheets/past papers I've done (like I did way back in the day) and making the gapped notes once I receive my printed notes.

So from today, there's 3 weeks until the start of term ... let's nail it :banana:
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Hi Quantumkoala! I've loved reading your intro and I'm sending ALL of my positive energy to you for this year :grouphugs:. I'd love to follow along, could you please tag me?
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All the best!

Where are you studying btw?
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Awesome! Best of luck for this year :grin:
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Them applied topics :drool:

I've moved this to the current year's forum

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