is Global Public Health and Policy Msc comparable to a Master of Public health (MPH)?

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i have been applying for public health related degrees this September and didn't have any experience in public health coming straight from an undergrad.

i was so excited when I received an offer from QMUL to study Global Public Health and Policy MSc. however I am now worried that it is not comparable to an MPH and what this will mean for me in terms of applying for jobs upon graduating.

there is a core module of epidemiology and statistics but a lack of modules like health economics which I'm not sure if this will hinder me in the future .

would appreciate any thoughts on this. thank you !
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My masters was public health, I was also one of the only non-clinicians on my course so like you, I didn't have the clear guidance and plan people often have coming from a medical career.

I'd personally say with public health it depends ALOT on exactly what jobs you are looking to apply for and tailoring your modules to suit. Some things to think about - Are you looking at working with PHE, NHS, private? In policy, managment, admin, public health, health improvement, community health, dental public health, health economics? Or more aiming to go down the epidemiology or PH research route? There are so many options with public health, which is one reasons it's great! Noone will expect you to have the perfect module choice with a masters.

The module selection is the thing most employers will be looking at if your applying for specific roles and "MPH" or global "MPH" may carry some weight but only in some super specific roles. QMUL is good for public health from what I've heard though, so the title shouldn't matter too much, in some areas a master is still classed as entry level so you can specialise later whne you know what you want to do. You may also be able to transfer between streams after the first semester, not too sure on the rules at QMUL.

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